Software and Tools using Artificial Intelligence


Like many other tech leaders, Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, is enthusiastic about AI, predicting an "AI-first world." The company has been bolstering its AI capabilities by gobbling up smaller firms.

Bought by Salesforce in April of this year, MetaMind aims to bring deep learning and artificial intelligence to business applications. MetaMind's standalone services are being phased out as the technology becomes integrated into Salesforce's cloud computing offerings.

PredictionIO became part of Salesforce in February 2016. It offers open source machine learning servers that developers can use to create prediction engines very quickly. Salesforce is also integrating the technology into some of its products.


Narrative Science


Marketing Platforms and Software

Emarsys - Artificial Intelligence Marketing.

Labyrinth Solutions – Smart Digital Signage that enables you to target your Digital Signage advertising based on the demographics of the viewing audience

Gluru: Organise your online documents, calendars, emails and other data and have AI present you with new insights and actionable information.

Narrative Science: Transform Business and Marketing Data into Machine-Written Narratives with Advanced Natural Language Generation - Intelligent Media Buying

OneSpot: Automatically Personalize Content Across Channels with Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

Automated Insights: How the Associated Press and the Orlando Magic Write Thousands of Pieces of Content in Seconds

Cortex: Predict How Consumers Will React to Content Using Machine Learning

Boomtrain: This Machine Learning Technology Displays the Content Most Likely to Engage Prospective Customers Produce and Promote Better Content in Less Time with Artificial Intelligence

MarketMuse: How to Measure and Improve Content Quality at Scale

Curata: Manage Data-Driven Content at Scale

Scripted: Streamline the Content Marketing Process with Machine Learning

Adgorithms: Optimize Your Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns with an AI Platform

CaliberMind: Predict B2B Behavior with Artificial Intelligence

PaveAI: Turn Google Analytics Data Into Actionable Recommendations with AI

Opentopic: Make Marketing More Personalized and Predictive with IBM Watson-Powered Technology

Atomic Reach: Use Machine Learning to Score and Improve Your Content Before Publishing

Skyword: Employ Artificial Intelligence to Hyper-Personalize Enterprise Content

Crayon: This Artificial Intelligence Startup with $5 Million in Funding Will Tell You Exactly What Your Competitors Are Doing

Acrolinx: This Company Uses Artificial Intelligence to Improve Content for Facebook, IBM and Nestle

CaliberMind: B2B Buyer Journey Orchestration software

MonkeyLearn: MonkeyLearn uses machine learning to allow users to build customized text-analysis models.

Persado - Cognitive Content Platform: Persado is a cognitive content platform for marketers. Persado's products and technology generates language that inspires action and increases ROI.