Our Vision

Kiwi Businesses Powered By AI.


AI New Zealand was founded to Inform, Support and Showcase Kiwi businesses utilising AI. 

First and foremost we're about building New Zealand's AI community. 

Secondly we're passionate about helping kiwi businesses better serve their customers with AI. 

In February 2017 I started my AI journey. Curious about how AI would impact my Marketing world. 

After curating my learnings on AI-CMO.com and attending a few events I quickly learnt that very little education or support was available for people like me.

This broader non-technical business community were curious but didn't know where to seek out more information on how AI would impact their business or how to start developing AI tech. 

So I started AI New Zealand as a platform to Inform, Support and Showcase Kiwi Businesses utilising AI.

I spent several months meeting, interviewing and listening to dozens of companies and specialists working with AI.

To my delight I found a large, passionate group of entrepreneurs, innovators and business leaders developing AI powered technology right here in New Zealand. 

Since July I've hosted 6 events. From the first in a Britomart bar to the final AI Showcase event at the Generator @GRIAKL Innovation precinct with 200 attendees. We've engaged more than 600 people from students, lecturers, data scientists, business leaders, lawyers, recruiters, marketers and product developers in dozens of case stories and expert know-how.

We're giving them the inspiration, know-how and confidence to become Instigators of Change and champion AI within their organisations. 


Justin Flitter

AI New Zealand Ltd