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Our Purpose

Inspiring and Informative Professional Development events on evolving tech for technical and business leaders working in Professional Services.

Empowering New Zealand's Instigators of Change to learn about and create with Artificial Intelligence and other evolving tech.

Our Story

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Thank you to everyone who attended and supported our programs since 2017. While our monthly events are no longer running we continue to run AI-DAY in partnership with The AI Forum of NZ, and look forward to announcing that program in September 2019.

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Welcome to AI New Zealand

We believe Artificial Intelligence will be as pervasive as electricity, augmenting our lives at home and work, helping businesses and economies become more productive and humanity to solve some of it's biggest problems.

For New Zealand the impact and opportunities are going to be transformative. Already New Zealand is taking a leadership role in the formulation of policy and ethical frameworks. And the development of AI Systems across industries from global corporates to garage inventors is staggering. 

The only problem. We're just not doing enough of it. 

We need more people actively involved in these discussions, thinking about how AI will impact their industry, organisations, work, communities and families.

Through these discussions come brain-waves, creative ideas to utilise AI For Good, to harness and leverage data in ways we've never thought possible. 

So here we are, creating community and conversation platforms to promote intelligent debate, fuelling curious minds to design AI systems that create the world we want to live in.


We're here to inform, support and showcase Kiwi companies working with Artificial Intelligence. 

> Showcasing New Zealand's expertise with AI through local case stories and knowledge leadership.

> Empowering New Zealand's Instigators of Change to learn about and create with Artificial Intelligence.


Artificial intelligence is a set of technology that will underpin everything we do in the future. Computer vision, robotics, automation, conversational AI, natural language processing with machine learning will completely reshape humanity.

As a nation, an economy; we need to be prepared, equipped to change, to adopt this new technology to maintain our competitiveness on the global market. 

Our ambition is not just to be competitive but to be world leaders in development of innovative technology solutions that solve meaningful global problems with Artificial Intelligence.

Justin Flitter - Founder of AI New Zealand

In February 2017 I started my AI journey. Curious about how Natural Language Generation and other AI would impact my world as a Marketer.

After spending a couple of months researching, reading and attending a few vendor events I met others working in Professional Services like myself, hungry to learn about AI and other emerging technology.

So I started a monthly meet-up called The AI Happy Hour (now The AI Show) and launched AI New Zealand as a platform to Inform, Support and Showcase Kiwi Businesses utilising AI.

We're giving them the inspiration, know-how and confidence to become Instigators of Change and champion AI within their organisations. 

The AI New Zealand Report Card

+ 3,000 Members

100 - 200 monthly event attendees

30% Senior Management

50% - New to Artificial Intelligence

75% - Non-technical

60% - Want Practical examples