The New Zealand tech scene is a global force when it comes to Artificial Intelligence. 

Here's a growing list of companies that we know about. To add your business please email - Conversational A.I. It's what we do.

Ipiphany - AI powered, easy-to-use text analytics software for growing organisations

Launched in 2016, Ipiphany™ Customer Analytics was a world first in AI and the latest in a line of innovative enterprise software solutions from Touchpoint Group that solve specific Customer Engagement challenges for enterprises.  Headquartered in Auckland since 2001 this team of 40 leveraged their globally publicised AI project ‘Radiant’ to develop a proprietary AI processor dubbed i³ on which this their first fully commercial AI Application Ipiphany™ relies.

Now in its second release Ipiphany™ leverages the unique capability of i³ to automatically and simultaneously analyse volumes of customer feedback, free text and structured data to simply provide organisations with the underlying and highly contextual meaning behind customer conversations.  

Beyond the quantum leap in speed and analytical power that Ipiphany™ brings in customer experience and the business of insight led transformation, this very focused AI solution also automatically quantifies, explains and elevates insights in order of their impact on organisational KPI’s and metrics.  

Touchpoint Group, passionately believes that it is AI’s capacity to shorten the supply chain between customer analytics and the making of enlightened and quick business decisions that will dictate the success or failure of many organisations in the immediate future. 


Boma Marketing - Self Drive Marketing software for Xero customers and SME's powered by AI.

Orbica - Orbica is New Zealand’s most progressive location data intelligence consultancy. We specialise in enabling business and adding significant value, identifying and delivering on the hidden opportunities that exist within every organisation’s data.

Ohmio - Ohmio self-driving vehicles come from the innovators at HMI Technologies. A global company with headquarters in New Zealand, HMI Technologies creates solutions for Intelligent Transport Systems and Smart Cities.

8i - Mix realities with holograms - Centrality is an ecosystem platform powered by Blockchain that supports each stage of the start up life cycle.

SoulMachines - Cognitive Interface

Labyrinth Solutions – Smart Digital Signage that enables you to target your Digital Signage advertising based on the demographics of the viewing audience - Your private banker

Osnova - Osnova is creating an AI based private tutor for maths. 

Oscar - Air New Zealand’s support chatbot

Arda - AI Coaching Platform

Arria NLG - Natural Language Generation

PredictHQ - Global Events Intelligence and Data Business

FaceMe - Digital Employee Platform

ThisData - Real time detection and response to account takeover

Ilumony - kiwisaver investment advice

Stocktrim - Easy to use cloud based inventory optimization software for any retail or manufacturing business.

Lemonade - Smart insurance processing - less CRUD, more rock

Booktrack - eBooks and Audiobooks with Soundtrack


Imagr - Embedding Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision into everyday life

SliSystems - The E-commerce Accelerator

Snapithd - Providing systems, hardware and AI for computer vision applications. Working in the maritime and construction industries.

Unified Inbox - Internet of things messaging, artificial intelligence, and machine learning