Interviews with International experts and Kiwi trailblazers in Artificial Intelligence. Published on Facebook, YouTube and Medium (Our Blog).


Every week (as often as possible) we interview international experts and local trailblazers working with Artificial Intelligence to share with you the latest technology, know-how and business case stories. We might even have a demo or two! If you're keen to be on the show please contact me.


The AI Show - With Shaveer Mirpuri

On this edition of The AI Show I interviewed Shaveer Mirpuri from Goat Ventures on McCarthyFinch, how NZ can create an unfair advantage with better technology partnerships and his view of the AI investment world.

The AI Show  - With Alayna Van Dervort

Ahead of AI-DAY 2018 I spoke with Kiwi born Alayna Van Dervort who's working at Amazon in Silicon Valley on AI for Good programs. 

The AI Show  - With ASA Cox

Wellington based Asa Cox is the CEO of Intela.AI. Recently they launched a new data analysis product called Farrago.AI to help data scientists clean up their datasets. We spoke to him about that and the up coming AI-DAY event.

The AI Show - With Habib Baluwala

Ahead of his talk at the AI Happy Hour event I spoke to Dr Habib Baluwala about Explainable AI and what the new EU regulations mean for the industry.

The AI Show  - With Amelia Diggle

Amelia is a Designer working at Conversational AI and Chatbot development company AMBIT AI. I spoke to Amelia about designing for AI experiences and interfaces and the process share takes their clients through.