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The AI Show | PwC

Join us at PwC for an incredible showcase event presenting the practical applications of AI in-play today. This is not future tech, it's the here and now.

Justin Flitter will kick us off followed by Jamie Park, Group Knowledge and Content Manager at Vector Limited speaking about about “Will” the digital teacher for renewable energy.

The evening continues as PwC will present 3 evolving AI-based technologies. You'll get to select 2 of the 3 to hear more on and our presenters will “elevator-pitch” you prior to the  chat room style sessions. You can choose to attend 2 out of three 20-30 minute sessions. They will be on

1 - Digital AI - Use cases including the likes of Analytics and Chatbots
Presented by Gareth Cronin AMBIT-AI | XERO

2 - Intelligent Automation and its practical applications to improve business process through basic AI
Presented by PwC Consulting team

3 - SWIFT - AI and Machine learning data and analytics tool

Presented by PwC FAS team

Following the chat sessions, we’ll close out the night highlighting a unique AI use case that's changing lives.

All this and more - it's going to be a jam-packed evening for the tech-savvy and curious!



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