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AIHappyHour @ Microsoft

  • Microsoft New Zealand Level 5/22 Viaduct Harbour Ave Auckland, 1010 New Zealand (map)

Join us for this months AIHappyHour at Microsoft. 

This event is capped at 80 people so please make sure you grab a ticket now.

As we think about the future of technology, it resides in the notion of intelligence. At Microsoft, we have an approach that’s both ambitious and broad, an approach that seeks to democratize Artificial Intelligence (AI), to take it from the ivory towers and make it accessible for all. This approach aligns perfectly with the new mission statement that CEO, Satya Nadella, has for the company: “to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more”.

This month you will hear talks from two technologists from Microsoft’s Commercial Software Engineering team, along with stories from kiwi businesses who are incorporating AI technologies in their products.



A red-hot topic in the industry right now is the idea of a “conversation” as the user experience. While this take many forms – voice or textual – the textual interface of the chatbot is the one getting the most attention. The foundation of any great conversational canvas is an engine that can understand the intent behind any interaction and that is where AI comes in. With the Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS), part of Microsoft Cognitive Services, it becomes easy to add intelligence to your chatbot. Vishesh has been working with many New Zealand organisations over the last 12 months, helping them understand and incorporate these new technologies, and tonight will walk us through the technologies and how to get started.

Following Vishesh’s talks, we’ll have one or two T.B.C. NZ Organisations that are deploying this technology talk.

REGAN MURPHY - Microsoft

If you came to the last AI Happy Hour event, you will have heard a bit about “machines learning to see”. Building a team of machine learning experts to train and deploy a deep learning image recognition model is not something that every organization will be able to do, so what are your options? One option is to incorporate pre-built AI models and algorithms in your application. In this talk Regan will walk us through what is possible with some of the pre-built Microsoft Cognitive Services. You will see that it can be easy to incorporate some advanced image processing AI in your apps and websites. We’ll also explore some of the projects being made available by Microsoft, ones you can take home and try out for yourself.

TONY COOPER – Precision AI

OK, let’s say you do need more advanced image processing than what can be provided “as a service”. What are your options? One option is to “bring in the experts”. Tony Cooper from Precision AI is one of those experts. With a distinguished track record in predictive analytics and data mining, and specialties in machine learning and computer vision, Tony can bring the expertise needed to fast-track your AI

project. Tonight, we’ll hear a bit more about some of the work Tony is doing – including special applications in agriculture, and deep learning in medical imaging.


When was the last time you stood in front of a shelf of wine and wondered which bottle to buy? Which bottle suits your personal tastes, as well as ticking the boxes for value and quality? has built a massive database of wines and recommendations, and helps millions of wine lovers across the world to make those choices. Tonight we have John Buckwell sharing more about how Wine- Searcher are experimenting and building with Artificial Intelligence technology in their product to help users make these decisions faster. 

These monthly events are designed to connect and inform the business community about Artificial Intelligence like chatbots, machine learning, natural language generation and automation. 

The goal is to help marketers, product managers, business leaders, and other professional services understand what AI is, how to identify business opportunities to build AI technology, connect with suppliers and build internal capability. 

It's also the perfect opportunity to showcase local companies building world class technology using Artificial Intelligence, helping everyone see the potential.

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