Education - Starting a Career in AI

If you are a college student with a keen interest in computer or data science, and are considering a career in AI, there are many options. Most major New Zealand universities now have specific courses on the subject of AI as part of their undergraduate studies as well as exciting postgraduate options. Research in this field is new therefore research topics are abundant.

If you are an established developer with computer or data science background, you can consider going back to uni or take advantage of the many online options available.

We will list the major educational opportunities, however, this list is not exhaustive and please let us know if you think a particular educational facility should be added to our list.


The Auckland University of Technology offers a great set of AI related programmes and postgraduate research projects. You can find all the relevant courses under the engineering and computer and mathematical sciences section.

AUT also has a Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research (CAIR) with the mission to create, develop and commercialise innovative IT products. Their current focus is on human language technology, speech technology, robotics and mind theory.


As an undergraduate, The University of Auckland Science Department offers a major in Computer Science that covers AI. There is also an opportunity to focus on data science separately. This can lead to more advanced topics in their postgraduate programmes

Furthermore, the Department of Computer Science conducts AI related research as well as offers postgraduate research topics under the programme which they call "Intelligent Systems and Informatics".

Unitec covers AI and machine learning courses in their postgraduate diploma in Computing programme.


Massey University has several curriculums that contain AI and Machine Learning topics. You can achieve a postgraduate diploma in Information Sciences where you can major in computer science. They also have a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) programme that covers a more comprehensive curriculum. Finally there is also a Master of Science (Computer Science) programme.

You can also learn about Massey's research focus on the Computer Science and Information Technology section.

The University of Waikato has a comprehensive set of Computer Science papers several of which cover AI and Machine Learning topics. These papers are part of a graduate or postgraduate degree in Computer Science. You can check the details on these programmes with their handy degree planners for Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining.

The university also has a Machine Learning Group leading their research programme that  focuses mainly on big data analysis and mining.

Victoria University of Wellington covers Artificial Intelligence, data science and machine learning in their Bachelor of Science major in Computer Science programme. There are several postgraduate options to continue studying advanced Computer Science and they have a number of research groups including an Artificial Intelligence Group

University of Canterbury in Christchurch offers a comprehensive Computer Science curriculum covering among other things, Artificial Intelligence and computer vision and augmented reality. You can check their computer science courses and also investigate further postgraduate programmes and research.

The university also has an Artificial Intelligence Research Group.

University of Otago in Dunedin has Computer Science and Information Science programmes depending whether you want to focus on AI, covered in the former, or Data Science in the latter. Consequently, they offer postgraduate programmes to further your expertise.

While Otago University has a strong research team with experience in the AI field, we could not find a specific AI focussed research group on their research centre page.

Online Courses

There are many options for online learning to list here. We will only mention some of the more prominent providers but a few google searches will yield more possible options. There are also several blog posts outlining various education options:

Please note that this subject moves very fast and that the linked information can get outdated very quickly.

Founded in 2005 in Poland, NobleProg are currently Head-quartered in London and Beijing, established in Europe and in the US and offer a franchise based approach for local providers to extend this online learning platform. This is their New Zealand site.

They provide a range of AI and Machine Learning courses. Their pricing depends on the number of 'delegates' registered for a course and whether it is a public classroom or a private remote class.

Every course on Coursera is taught by top instructors from the world’s best universities and educational institutions. Courses include recorded video lectures, auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments, and community discussion forums. When you complete a course, you’ll receive a sharable electronic Course Certificate (only available if you pay for the course). Their courses are priced at about USD29-USD99. Some of the courses are free, you just won't get a certificate.

You can also master a specific skill subject with the specialisation programme. The pricing for this is USD39-USD79 per month and you can earn a specialisation certificate. It can take 4-6 months to complete one programme.

Finally, you can also get an online degree costing USD15,000-USD25,000 and take 1-3 years.

Udemy is a global marketplace for learning and teaching online where students are mastering new skills and achieving their goals by learning from an extensive library of over 55,000 courses taught by expert instructors. There are numerous courses teaching Python, Data Science, Machine Learning, NLP, etc.

Pricing goes from USD10-USD200 but Udemy runs frequent specials during which you can purchase premium courses from USD10. The courses provide video lectures with theoretical content and practical exercises with downloadable code files. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate.

Make sure to read the reviews and user feedback when deciding on which courses to purchase.

Incubated in Harvard Innovation Launch Lab, Experfy is a consulting and training platform for AI, big data and IoT with 30,000 data scientists. Experfy began as an on-demand marketplace, where some of the world’s most prestigious data science talent bids on consulting projects.  In addition, the same experts are engaged in developing training content focused on specific verticals and use-cases. Combining self-paced courses with live instruction, Experfy data experts are helping companies in up-skilling their workforce. Experfy’s enterprise training platform includes an LMS that can evaluate student code, a course development platform for instructors, and an assessment dashboard for companies who want to monitor employee skills development. All courses go through a peer-review process and are are taught by seasoned experts.

Experfy Training is the section you want to explore. There are many learning tracks to choose from, Data Science, Text Analytics and NLP being some of them. Alternatively you can just look for an individual course. Pricing ranges from USD39-USD500 and more depending on the specific course.

Stanford Online offers free online courses taught by Stanford faculty to lifelong learners worldwide, and a variety of professional education opportunities in conjunction with many of the University’s schools and departments.

Courses are 'in session or upcoming' and 'self paced' so you may need to plan your course according to availability. Below we've listed some links to a number of relevant courses: