Business Membership

Purchase an annual subscription to attend the AI Show events. Share the pass between employees to help everyone learn about evolving technology.

The Seat of Knowledge


the AI SHOW Annual Pass

An annual subscription to share between team members

Businesses can now purchase a seat at every AI Show event to share between team members. This annual subscription gives businesses the option to send the best person to each event to stay on top of emerging technology. 

Change is constant, learning is too. It's vital every business is invested in helping their people learn about emerging technology and how to leverage it to solve business problems.

One ticket to share between staff to every AI Show event for a year

The AI Show Annual Pass

Purchase an annual subscription to attend The AI Show events. These VIP passes are registered to a company, not an individual so businesses can assign the pass to a different staff member each event. These are perfect for on-going professional development initiatives.

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The C-Suite Lunch Pass

C-Suite Lunch - Annual Pass

Purchase an annual pass to the C-Suite Lunch series of events. Each ticket entitles the company to assign one C-Suite leader to attend four events over 12 months.

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Attend the bi-monthly C-Suite Lunch events in March, May, July, September and November.

These events are only for C-Level managers to learn about how other organisations are using Artificial Intelligence and how they went about developing capability.