Bring on 2018!

This company I started in July grew out of a side hustle, me learning about how AI would change my marketing world.  

In 2018 AI New Zealand will endeavour to help our business leaders apply machine learning, automation and computer vision, creating new layers of intelligence we could never have imagined before.  


This is morning Kathryn Hempstalk, one of our speakers at on March 28th shared this talk from Benedict Evans. I watched and listened whilst walk-in round town doing some Christmas shopping.  

It is essential viewing and puts much of today’s technology landscape into perspective.  

In reference to the s-curve of technology adoption AI is the new skyscraper down town, we’re filling it with people and now just need to work out what to do with them. The technology is here, it works, the application opportunities are endless and mind boggling.  

I hope through our partnerships, events and community development through 2018 AI NZ can play a leading role helping New Zealand businesses create new products and services that add immense value to their customers and the societies they live in.  

From February to September next year we’re producing monthly AI Happy Hour events to inspire and inform with technology know how, use cases and practical advice. Well run at least 4 AI Workshops and host a series of AI debates to challenge our thinking and fuel boardroom and dinner table discussions.  

And we’ll produce two major conferences. The first is AI-DAY on March 28th in partnership with the AI Forum NZ. Early bird tickets are on sale and selling fast already.

The second is, AI for marketers conference on September 5th. 

I look forward to seeing you at these events next year and can’t wait to announce our new partners in January who’ll be supporting, sponsoring this program.  


Happy holidays, enjoy your break. 2018 is going to be EPIC.  

Justin FlitterComment