In tech, the curious have the advantage

Anyone who thinks AI won’t impact their work is living under a rock. Says Justin Flitter, Founder of NewZealand.AI.

If there’s ever a time to be curious about technology; it’s now. And curious you should be as the likes of Virtual and Augmented Reality, the Internet of Things, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence become more significant by the day. 

Justin Flitter was curious too; about how Artificial Intelligence would impact his world as a Marketer. That was back in February. In July he founded NewZealand.AI as a platform to Inform, Support and Showcase Kiwis utilising Artificial Intelligence. 

That ignited AIHappyHour, a monthly meet-up aimed at the broader non-technical business community who, like him know AI is going to impact their world and are curious to learn what, why and how they can start using AI within their business today.

Five sold out events later, there’s a strong AI community growing in Auckland. Flitter says “Every event has robust discussions with developers and data scientists to answer the technical questions and local case stories to give business leaders the practical advice and confidence to start building capability”.

On November 16th NewZealand.AI hosts an AI Showcase Event at the new Generator Building @GRIDAKL in the new Wynyard Quarter Innovation Precinct. 

Attendees will hear quick-fire talks from local companies developing products, services and applications using Artificial Intelligence followed by a panel/audience discussion. They are Danny Tomsett - CEO and Founder of Digital Employee company, Craig Wilson - CTO of, Danu Abeysuriya - CTO and Founder of Rush.Digital, Tom Linton - Data Scientist at and Adnaan Velji - Data Scientist from Dexibit.  Tickets are $35 from

The next big AI event will be on March 28th, 2018. AI-DAY will be New Zealand’s Premier AI event, produced in partnership by the AI Forum NZ and NewZealand.AI and hosted at the ASB Waterfront Theatre. 

Flitter says, “With Michelle Dickinson as MC and a host of top local and international experts we expect this conference to appeal to the ‘Instigators of Change’ driving innovation in New Zealand. It’s a chance for the industry to increase awareness, showcase capability and open everyones ears to key topics of discussion as AI quickly becomes the new electricity.”

To register for tickets visit

Flitter, over the last few months been meeting and interviewing leaders in New Zealand’s AI industry. He’s published several as podcasts you can listen to here He also moderated an AI Panel at the recent Innovation Day at the new Generator @GRIDAKL Innovation Precinct. You can watch the full video here


Be curious.