CLVR: Emotions and Personality Extraction System with Artificial Intelligence

Get Skills in partnership with the University of Auckland Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering – has developed a Proof of Concept application that tests your personality using AI.

GetSkills have just released the portal on limited trial. Businesses or individuals can create an account and set up their own questions, invite a participant who get's an email to download the Android app. There they answer the questions by speaking into their phone for 1 minute or two.  

The audio file is passed to IBM Watson and the data gathered is presented back in a report to the user based on the Five Factors Personality trait test.

"CLVR possesses several proposed uses – while its main aim is to capture quantifiable answers via simple survey methodologies, its focus on emotional feedback makes it viable for self-care and the recruitment industry, or even college admissions. Qualitative data – such as emotions – are thus presented in data that is easy to interpret, which can contribute to more thorough decision-making processes.                              

The collaborative relationship was established by Dr Rashina Hoda when she reached out to GetSkills, an initiative aimed at collaborating with local industry to provide students with real-world experience in the IT market. Their CEO, Yadwinder Sharma, took the opportunity to explore his interests in Artificial Intelligence API and technologies with a student team in the course, and the software application was produced within a semester." Source

The use case for this application extends well beyond employment personality testing or profiling requirements. As your Fitbit tracks your physical health stats, CLVR could help individuals or couples monitor their own mental health in a consistent, regular way. 

Tune in to the podcast with myself, Justin Flitter and GetSkills CEO Yadwinda Sharma.