AIMCON | AI for Marketing and Sales Teams

This full day conference will showcase and deep-dive into the AI powered applications and methodologies sales and marketing teams can use to solve business problems, create exciting new customer engagements and leverage consumer data more efficiently.



The Artificial Intelligence event for Marketers - AIMCON

On September 5th 150 marketers gathered at the Generator @GRIDAKL for the first full-day conference on Artificial Intelligence for Marketing. 

Jody Sangster, CMO Liaison for IBM Watson spoke about how AI is transforming Customer Experiences at every stage of the customer journey.

Hamish Rumbold, CEO of Digital Engineering firm ClearPoint prompted a flurry of conversations with a talk on Voice Search and the impact on brand, SEO and Customer Experience.

Nathalie Morris from Qrious told marketers to know their data sets, and how to leverage them. Co-locating business analysts and analytics staff with marketers can increase collaboration and speed up insight production.

Byron Powell shared his experience and methodology using big data analytics to inform pricing strategies. 

Michael Lovegrove from JRNY showcased how Artificial Intelligence is influencing customer journeys and on-boarding.

Alex Bartley-Catt - CEO of Spacetime walked everyone through their Customer Experience design methodology and how Artificial Intelligence gets us closer to the customer.

Glenn Marvin spoke to each speaker after their talks, and a few special guests.